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ICCM-Europe 2022 Registration

ICCM-Europe 2022
Mosbach, Deetken-Mühle, Germany


If you need a visa to travel to ICCM-Europe in Germany, please know ICCM-Europe is NOT able to provide a letter of invitation.

Please make sure you are able to get a visa before you proceed to pay for the conference.

Covid-19 Response and Contingencies

We are committed to hosting ICCM-Europe 2022 in person, and we will follow all guidelines and restrictions placed on such gatherings by public health officials. Unfortunately, that might include canceling the conference. If we cancel the conference due to Covid-19 restrictions, or if you have to cancel your registration due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will refund your registration fees less any payment expenses (such as PayPal) that we incur. 

Four Registration Options

  1. Main Conference Only
  2. Pre-Conference Workshop & Main Conference
  3. Setup & Main Conference
  4. Online Access Only

Option #1: Main Conference Only

The Main Conference runs from Wednesday dinner to Saturday lunch (2 - 5. February 2022).

Main Conference Only includes:

  • Accommodation for 3 nights
  • All meals and snacks (dinner on Wednesday to lunch on Saturday)
  • Internet access
  • Conference paperwork and more

The cost is 350€ per person


Option #2: Pre-Conference Workshop & Main Conference

The pre-conference workshop starts after breakfast on Wednesday morning. We expect your arrival on Tuesday (1. February) for dinner and for you to continue on with the Main Conference ending on Saturday (5. February).

Pre-Conference Workshop & Main Conference includes:

  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • All meals and snacks (dinner on Tuesday to lunch on Saturday)
  • Internet access
  • Conference paperwork and more

For Tuesday afternoon arrival, the cost is 430€ per person


Option #3: Setup & Main Conference

We start setting up on Tuesday (1. February). Arrive as early as possible on Tuesday to join the effort (lunch will be provided). Please, only register to Setup if you plan to work to make ICCM-Europe 2022 happen. This does not register you for the pre-conference workshop. 

Setup & Main Conference includes:

  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • All meals and snacks (lunch on Tuesday to lunch on Saturday)
  • Internet access
  • Conference paperwork and more

For Tuesday morning arrival, the cost is 430€ per person

Option #4: Online Access Only

With this option you will receive an email invitation to stream the keynote sessions and workshops via Zoom. 

Online Access Only includes:

  • Email invitation to stream keynote sessions and workshops and does NOT include the pre-conference workshops.

For Online Access Only, there is a suggested donation of 40€ per person

A completed registration consists of:

  • A fully filled out and submitted registration form (the form you are about to begin)
  • Your full payment of the conference option you chose. 

Note: Spouses will need to complete their own registration.

Registration ends 7 January 2022